Building Standards performance

National performance

An enhanced system for delivering the Building Standards services is in place throughout Scotland.

As part of this national 'Performance Framework' system, each verifier provides information about their Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs) in relation to the minimum standards of service that all local authority verifiers should meet.

The performance of Midlothian Building Standards is:

KPO1 - Minimise time taken to issue a first report or to issue a building warrant or amendment to building warrant

KPO2 - Increase quality of compliance assessment during the construction processes

Details of verifiers' performance throughout Scotland are reported on the Building Standards Division website.

Local performance

We measure our performance against these local targets:

  • Responding to telephone calls
    Target: Answer within 5 rings or provide an answer phone.
  • Responding to general letters and emails to general mailbox
    Target: Respond within 10 working days 95% of time.
  • Meeting with personal callers
    Target: A surveyor available within 10 minutes 95% of time.

Customer satisfaction

We also survey our customers to assess satisfaction levels and to get feedback on our services.

Information on service

Download an overview of our services and our performance in relation to our targets:

Performance Framework

The Performance Framework is a management tool we use to monitor, review and develop strategies for the service.