Dispute resolution

How to raise a dispute

We recognise how awkward and frustrating varying interpretation can be. To help us interpret legislation consistently and fairly, please let us know of your concerns.

If you feel that your view is not being considered or understood, please tell the Team Leader responsible for the East or West team.

Resolving a dispute

The Team Leader, with the Building Standards Manager, will try to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. The time taken will depend on the complexity of the issue being disputed.

Dispute not resolved - what next?

The Building Standards Manager will forward the matter to the South-East Scotland Building Standards Consortium (SESBSC).

The Consortium is made up of six neighbouring Local Authority Building Standards Services. Its main purpose is to develop consistency of approach and sharing best practice. The matter will be discussed at consortium meetings and, where possible, an agreed approach or solution will be adopted throughout SESBSC.

If there remains a clear inconsistency of interpretation amongst the consortium, the matter will be referred to LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) for a national view. LABSS represents all 32 Scottish Local Authority Building Standards Services, and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.