Customer care

Customer care is central to our priorities. We always try to put our customers first, and deliver a responsive and efficient service.

We have worked hard for the following accreditation:

  • Customer Service Excellence (CSE) - places customer priorities at the heart of the service, by developing customer insight, understanding user experiences and robustly measuring levels of satisfaction with the service. Customer Service Excellence website
  • Investors in People (IIP) - a national standard of good practice, used for developing staff in the Building Standards Section. Investors In People website

National Building Standards Customer Survey

The seventh National Building Standards Customer Survey, on behalf of the Scottish Government, was completed in November 2020.

Section 2 in the reports summarises how we scored compared to the Scotland-wide average. Our results are based on the 91 responses received (equivalent to 12.3% of those invited to participate).

Customer satisfaction

To continually assess and improve our services, we administer an ongoing Customer Care Survey. The anonymous survey measures customers' view on how well we have performed across a range of issues.

The responses are regularly monitored and acted upon by the Building Standards Manager. This allows us to check aspects that are most valued by customers, and to identify issues for improvement.

We review the data at the end of each financial year, and aim to increase targets wherever practical.

Feedback comments and actions

As well as rating our services, customers are asked for feedback on their experiences and to suggest improvements.