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Loanhead Leisure Centre café

Loanhead Cafe 2

We use local and Scottish suppliers where possible. The café has WiFi.

We can do outside catering, from buffets to weddings. We can provide party boxes or catering for children's parties. Call us on 0131 444 9033 for details.

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Opening times

  • Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9am - 4pm

Loanhead Leisure Centre and Pool


Breakfast menu
Breakfast Price
Porridge pots £1.50
Croissant, butter and jam £1.60
Toast, butter and jam (2 slices) £0.90
Granola and yoghurt £2.00
Assorted fruit pots £1.70
Muffins and pastries £1.60
Anytime menu
Anytime Price
Scone, butter and jam £1.80
Cutting cakes (sponges etc) £2.00
Individual cakes and traybakes £1.65
Premium crisps £0.80
Lunch menu
Lunch selection Price
Soup and crusty bread £1.90
Toastie with crisps or salad £2.65
Panini with crisps or salad £3.20
Sandwich (no frills) £2.00
Sandwich £2.75
Wraps £3.00
Additions  Price
Milky Way  40p
Caramel wafer  45p
Kitkat 50
Raisin bags  50p
Small yogurt 55p
Large yogurt 90p
Twix 85p
Large Kitkat 85p
Flavoured milk £1.10
Capri Sun £1.10
Fruit bags  £1.10
Ribena cartons  £1.10
Doughnuts  £1
Teacakes  £1.60
Pancakes  £1.50
Crumpets  £1.60
Cereal bars  £1.60
Bacon rolls  £2.75
Sausage rolls  £2.75
Slush large  £1.20
Slush small  £1.10
Soft drinks menu
Soft drinks Price
Fruit juice (250ml Wiseman) £0.70
Milk (250ml Wiseman) £0.60
Barrs and Coke (500ml) £1.40
Strathmore water (330ml) £0.75
Strathmore water (500ml) £1.00
Cartons/pouches £1.10
Fairtrade coffee menu
Fairtrade coffee Price
Cappuccino £1.60
Latte  £1.60
Americano  £1.60
Hot chocolate £2.00
Mocha (small) £2.00
Espresso (single) £1.30
Espresso (double) £1.60
Tea £1.40