Spending on council services


Midlothian Council has approved spending on services for 2017/18 totalling £198.666 million.  This was approved at a meeting of the full council held on 7 February 2017.

Savings in 2017/18

A £2 million package of savings for 2017/18, (rising to £4 million by 2021/22) had previously been approved by the council on 20 December 2016.

On 7 February 2017, it was also agreed that £3.970 million would be used from the council's general fund reserves to achieve a balanced budget.

This has reduced the level of the council's remaining reserves to £5.408 million.

Government grant funding

Midlothian Council will receive grant funding from the Scottish Government of £149.692 million for 2017/18.

The Scottish Government has made extra money available for schools and health and social care. 

Midlothian is receiving a £2.273 million share of the new Attainment Scotland Fund, which will be allocated directly to schools.

The Midlothian Integration Joint Board is also receiving an additional £1.5 million to help meet social care cost pressures.

Council Tax

Midlothian Council approved a 3% rise in Council Tax from April 2017, with the Band D level for 2017/18 set at £1,246. 

The rise was the first since 2006, following the Scottish Government's decision to end the council tax freeze. The 2016/17 tax on Band D properties in Midlothian was £1,210.

As the result of a separate Scottish Government decision, council taxpayers in bands E to H are also paying more from April 2017.

Adjustments to these higher bands is on top of the 3% increase agreed by the council for 2017/18.

People on low incomes in these bands are entitled to claim an exemption from the increase.

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