Council performance

Scottish Local Government Benchmarking Framework

Scottish Local Government Benchmarking Framework logoAs part of our continuous improvement, we are involved in a wide range of benchmarking activities both formal and informal. This includes participating in the national Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF). 

The core purpose of the LGBF is to collaborate on a comparative benchmarking framework for Scottish Local Authorities that targets improvement activity and resources to areas of greatest impact, in terms of efficiency/costs, productivity and outcomes. 

Benchmarking is a key feature of Midlothian's improvement framework. Our performance management system ensures we use benchmarking to enhance our performance, and is subject to scrutiny reviews.

Access and compare performance information for from all 32 Scottish councils, including Midlothian, on the My Local Council website:

You can view our performance information for 2014/15 via our Performance Management System - Covalent.

An overview of our service performance provides information on a wide range of services for our communities.

More information on LGBF: