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Public Performance Reporting

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Managing our performance and reporting our results is a necessary and important requirement. It informs our customers and stakeholders about our progress in delivering priorities through the Community Planning Partnership and the Single Midlothian Plan. This approach, combined with the integration of health and social care, ensures that Community Planning is at the core of all Council activities.  A summary of the Single Midlothian Plan detailing our outcomes and main priorities for 2016-2019 is available.

A Council Balanced Scorecard has been introduced to present performance against the key outcomes in the Single Midlothian Plan. The Customer Quadrant details the Council's specific contribution to the thematic areas in the Single Midlothian Plan and also identifies key internal measures of Council performance across the remaining quadrants.

By telling you about how well we are doing, what quality of service is being delivered and what you can expect in the future demonstrates our ability to be transparent and accountable and our commitment to seeking continuous improvement.

Annual Performance Reports

Our Annual Performance Reports provide a balanced view of the council's progress. This includes information on successes, challenges and performance in achieving priorities through the Single Midlothian Plan.

Balanced Scorecard Reports:

Performance information about complaints:

Other reports and strategies: