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Scottish Local Government Benchmarking Framework

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Scottish Local Government Benchmarking Framework logoComparing performance, or benchmarking, supports change and improvement within the Council by learning how better performing organisations achieve their results. 

During the last nine years, we have been working with other Scottish councils and the Improvement Service to develop and improve the Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF).  This allows us to compare how we are doing against other councils' performance.

To support the LGBF performance data, councils participate in Benchmarking Family Groups with similar councils. These groups provide a structure for councils to come together to explore the benchmarking data and better understand issues and learn from good practice.

Benchmarking is a key feature of Midlothian's improvement framework. Our performance management system ensures we use benchmarking to enhance our performance, and is subject to scrutiny reviews.

More information on how we compare can be found at the My Local Council website.

You can view our performance information for 2018/19 via our Performance Management System - Pentana.

More information on LGBF: