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Midlothian  "a great place to grow"

Midlothian Council along with community planning partners has integrated the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA), Midlothian Community Plan and Midlothian Council Corporate Strategy into a single document – the Single Midlothian Plan.

This approach, combined with the integration of health and adult social care agenda, signals a significant shift towards partnership working and the need to ensure that Community Planning is at the core of all our activities.

Each service has a Service Improvement Plan which provides a link to the local outcomes contained within the commitments of the Single Midlothian Plan, any relevant legislation that is specific to the service and to the strengths and improvement activities identified as part of self-evaluation such as the Midlothian Excellence Framework (MEF).

Service plans translate ‘what we intend to do’ into ‘how we will achieve it’. There is a clear link between the priorities in the service plan and those identified in the SMP and the Council’s Transformation Programme.  Progress on the plans are scrutinised quarterly by the Cabinet and the Performance, Review and Scrutiny Committees and are subsequently published on our performance pages.

Our Service Plans