Council performance

Statutory Performance Indicators (SPIs)

Midlothian "a great place to grow"

The Accounts Commission has a statutory responsibility to define the performance information that councils must publish for performance comparison and benchmarking purposes.

Through the Commission's statutory direction on performance reporting, guidance is set out for what council’s should cover in their public performance reporting.

There are 2 headline indicators:

Achievement in Best Value

SPI 1:  Each council will report a range of information setting out:

Our quarterly performance pages, Balanced Scorecard (PDF) and Single Midlothian Plan provide a broad range of performance information and narrative around our progress and improvements.  

Local Government Benchmarking Framework

SPI 2: Each council reports its performance in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

The 2017/18 LGBF Performance Report compares Midlothian to other councils.