Local Government Election 2022

Midlothian Council election 2022

An election was held on Thursday 5 May 2022 to elect members to Midlothian Council.

The results

Ward 1

Name Party Stage at which elected
Debbi McCall Scottish National Party 1
Willie McEwan Scottish Labour Party 4
Connor McManus Scottish National Party 7

Ward 2

Name Party Stage at which elected
Dianne Alexander Scottish National Party 1
Derek Milligan Scottish Labour Party 1
David Virgo Scottish Conservative and Unionist 4

Ward 3

Name Party Stage at which elected
Colin John Cassidy Scottish National Party 4
Stephen Curran Scottish Labour Party 1
Margot Russell Scottish Labour Party 6

Ward 4

Midlothian West
Name Party Stage at which elected
Russell Imrie Labour and Co-operative Party 1
Kelly Parry  Scottish National Party 6
Pauline Winchester Scottish Conservative and Unionist 6

Ward 5

Midlothian East
Name Party Stage at which elected
Stuart Douglas McKenzie Scottish National Party 5
Bryan Pottinger Scottish Labour Party 1
Peter Smaill Scottish Conservative and Unionist 3

Ward 6

Midlothian South
Name Party Stage at which elected
Douglas Bowen Scottish National Party 7
Kelly Drummond Scottish Labour Party 1
Ellen Scott Scottish National Party 7

18 members are elected to Midlothian Council to serve six wards. Councillors are elected by you, the local community, and are responsible for making decisions on your behalf about local services such as roads and schools.

Information for candidates and agents