Ironmills landslip worsens

Increased risk of collapse

There is now an increased risk of collapse.

 A council spokesman said: “We’re warning residents again to please keep away from the steps. We had increased security by putting up more fencing and locked gates to the entrance because of concerns some local people were still accessing the steps, despite them being closed.

“This has largely worked but, given the severity of the landslip, we feel another warning is worthwhile.

“Please stay away from the steps and use the alternative route via Old Edinburgh Road and Ironmills Road instead.”

Trees have fallen from cliff

The steps have been shut since January because of a landslip after continued heavy rainfall. Two or three trees have recently fallen from the cliff along with tons of material from the slope.

Having taken expert advice, the council will also remove a large sycamore at the base of the steps to avoid it toppling.

Awaiting advice

The council is currently awaiting advice and advisory costs from consultants on a possible engineering solution to stabilise areas of the slope.

The steps were last closed and off limits to pedestrians from March 2013 to December 2014, again because of landslip problems.

Funding from 2014

In September 2014, the council agreed to spend around £58,000 in total to take expert advice on the likely causes of the land slip and to provide advice on the options available to stabilise the slope. This funding was also to take measures to reinstate the steps and path at Ironmills.

The funding to date has mainly been used on site investigation, specialist fees and a limited amount of onsite works (i.e. drains to divert rainwater from the slope, tree thinning and planting of willow understory).

3 Jun 2016