Living the electric dream

Electric vans

Helping cut our carbon footprint

The new Nissan Leafs will help cut Midlothian’s carbon footprint.

Great example of partnership working

Councillor Derek Rosie, Midlothian’s cabinet member for transport, said: “This is a great example of partnership working.

“The council and the NHS, based at the new community hospital in Bonnyrigg, lease the cars with the help of the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Scheme.

We now have eight electric vehicles

“As a council, we now have eight electric vehicles, including three pool cars.

“These cars are not only greener but they are also cost effective.”

Cost around 2p per mile

For example, fully charging the battery is just £2.08. Estimates suggest this will equate to basic running costs of 2 pence a mile.

Can run for around 80 miles before a recharge

The vans, which are automatic and cost around £3,500 a year to lease, can run for around 80 miles before the batteries need recharged. The vehicles also recharge their battery as it slows and efficient driving can have a major effect on the range that the vehicle can be operated.

Perfect for transporting documents

Cllr Rosie said: “The new van will be great for moving around council records and goods.”

Meanwhile, the NHS is using its new vans for transporting records.

Pic caption: Andrew Massie, of Midlothian Council’s fleet service, is pictured with Brendan Muirhead and Mark Cunningham of the NHS facilities team. 

23 Sep 2016