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free early learning for two-year-olds

600 hours of free early learning

Jasmyn and her husband Kenneth currently have 2-year-old son Carter at the Family Reachout in Mayfield. Their daughter Lilly also enjoyed the 600 hours of free learning and has since moved up to Mayfield Nursery.

Level of income will be considered

Jasmyn said: “I’m a member of a peer group which helps to promote the free early learning and childcare and one of the things we’re constantly running into is people thinking it’s just for those on benefits or single families. It’s only when we educate them, they realise that wider family circumstances alongside level of income will be considered.”

She added: “For example, my children got places because I have a chronic illness.”

How to take part

To take part in our Facebook Q&A simply log on to Facebook between 6pm and 7pm and search for Midlothian Council. Jasmine will be on hand with a member of our early learning team to answer any questions you might have.

27% of families with two-year-olds are entitled

The Scottish Government estimates 27% of families with two-year-olds, like the Bairds , are entitled to the nursery and childcare places.

Children may be eligible for the high quality provision, which Midlothian has called A Good Time To Be 2, if they live in a household where a resident parent/carer is in receipt of one or more of some qualifying benefits or tax credits.

More information

For more information on applying visit

Jasmyn and Kenneth are pictured with Lilly and Carter.


23 Sep 2016