We're preparing for winter

5,000 tons of grit

Midlothian will have capacity for more than 5,000 tons of grit available, councillors heard at the full council meeting on Tuesday.  The allocated budget to keep Midlothian moving this winter is almost £1 million.

Our focus will be on keeping priority roads such as routes to hospitals open

The focus for the council, which has just published its Winter Service Plan, will be to keep priority roads - such as bus routes and those near hospitals and emergency services, open throughout winter. Specific plans are in place to ensure the elderly and vulnerable people of Midlothian are protected.

We are relying on residents too

The council is once again relying on local residents to help out this winter. Residents can support the council’s efforts by clearing footpaths and pavements outside their homes, if able to do so. We would also urge all residents to check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours who are more at risk in extreme weather conditions. The council will also write to community groups with further details of the policy, it was agreed.

Please check on vulnerable neighbours

Councillor Derek Rosie, the cabinet member with responsibility for roads, said: "It is important that the council is prepared in case we get a winter like the one in 2010/2011. We have 5,000 tons of road salt this year, enough stock to provide a serious defence from the weather.

“I can’t thank local residents enough for the hard work they do when severe weather strikes. Together, we can keep Midlothian moving.”


27 Sep 2016