Change to boundary between Community Councils

Midlothian residents are being informed of the decision that Gorebridge and District and Moorfoot Community Councils have agreed a change in the boundary between the two areas.

This change will allow the Taylor Wimpey housing estate and the planned Redheugh housing development – containing 700 new homes – to be transferred from Moorfoot Community Council to Gorebridge Community Council.

Residents in these new housing developments will be using mainly Gorebridge facilities so it appears appropriate that these boundary changes should be put in place.

The next stage in the boundary change process is a Public Consultation which will run until Friday 16 December.

Further information (maps) can be found on the Community Council Websites and notice boards and Midlothian Council website.

A map outlining the boundary change

As part of the consultation, Gorebridge Library will also have the maps on display and a box for collecting comments.

Residents within these community council areas can comment on the proposed changes either via their community council, Gorebridge Library or by emailing

14 Oct 2016