Visitors spending 25% more money in Midlothian

Tourism brought almost £106 million to the local economy

Tourism brought £105.28 million to the Midlothian economy in 2015, up 25.9% since 2009.

Visitor 'spend' is growing

At the full cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors heard combined direct and indirect spend of visitors was up by more than a quarter and growing.

Borders Railway is bringing journey times down to less than half an hour

The cabinet member for tourism, Councillor Jim Bryant said: “From the historic Rosslyn Chapel to the beauty of the Pentlands, Midlothian is a fantastic tourist destination, especially with four new Borders Railway stations in the county bringing journey times down to around half an hour into the capital or the Borders.

Tourism is a key industry

“Working in partnership with Midlothian Tourism Forum and VisitScotland, we are committed to fully supporting this key industry locally.

“Hearing that last year, visitor spend was up by just short of 26% from 2009, cements the need to capitalise on the projects outlined in our new Midlothian Tourism Action Plan, which we launched earlier this year. ”

The Midlothian Tourism Action Plan is already enjoying success

Councillors heard that since the Midlothian Tourism Action Plan 2016-20 was launched, it’s enjoyed key successes in attracting funding for projects based around: Outdoors and nature, built and local heritage, food and drink, events, cycling, young people/youth tourism and business tourism.

22 Nov 2016