Newbattle Pool and Mayfield LC to close

The new Newbattle Community Campus will now replace the facilities previously at Mayfield Leisure Centre and Newbattle Pool, including a state-of-the-art swimming pool, two dance studios, a sports hall and café.

The facilities will be in the Newbattle Community Campus

At the full council meeting on Tuesday, councillors approved the opportunity to relocate the leisure facilities from both buildings, which are old and inefficient. The move, which will happen in April, will save £600,000.

The new building is a short distance away

Midlothian Council’s cabinet member for property and facilities, Cllr Derek Milligan said: “The new building is only a short distance from Mayfield Leisure Centre and roughly a mile from the Newbattle Pool.

The new facilities will be an asset

“The new campus with the café, gym school and fantastic sports facilities will be a huge asset to our communities.

It is a challenging time financially

“While in an ideal world we could keep all three buildings operating, with the council in such a challenging financial time – we’ve to find £13.5 million of savings in the next financial year alone – we simply cannot afford the expense of keeping two very old buildings offering similar services very near to the new campus open.”

Clubs and classes will move to the new building

The council will continue to work closely with existing classes, groups, clubs and organisations to ensure they will be accommodated in the new facility.

School facilities will be available outside school hours

The community will have access to areas within the new school building on the campus such as the halls and teaching accommodation outside school hours. This allows for local people to host events such as cinema evenings and holiday clubs.

The new library will be open in line with the leisure facilities

The new library in the Newbattle Community Campus will open in line with leisure centre opening times and will not require to be staffed beyond current hours. At the new Loanhead Centre, where the same system operates, this has led to an increase in football from 2,000 users to 10,000 users per month.

There are good public transport links

Councillors heard that the new campus has good public transport links with a bus service stopping just short of the front entrance. Local footpaths have also been significantly improved to encourage people to walk and cycle there. 

Information will be given to local community representatives

Local people and community representatives will be provided with information and assurances to help with the smooth transfer of services to the new campus.

22 Dec 2017