Paid for childcare and nursery places for two-year-olds

Good Time To Be 2

Parker Alexander, who goes to the nursery at Penicuik Family Learning Centre, is a great advert for the Good Time to Be 2 funded early learning places. Parker’s mum Megan says his speech is “amazing” and he can understand just about everything she says to him.

Nursery is helping his development

Megan says: “I don’t think he’d be where he is now if it wasn’t for his Good Time to Be 2 place. You can hold full conversations with him. He understands everything.”

Is your child eligible?

Like Parker, your two-year-old child may be eligible for a paid-for place of up to 600 hours in a nursery or childminder.

Funded hours are helping mum too

Megan, Parker and 15-week-old Evie live in Bilston. Parker comes to the Penicuik nursery on a Monday and Tuesday from 9am until 3pm.The funded place has helped Megan too. She was, she admits, socially isolated. She’s now part of a mums’ group that she says has helped her to be more open and chatty. She’s also got a bit more time to spend with Evie.

Midlothian Sure Start runs the nursery

The charity Midlothian Sure Start runs Penicuik Family Learning Centre. Kate Downey says they have 10 Good Time to Be 2 children at the centre currently and space for another 10.

She says: “I’d recommend everyone checks if they are eligible or not for up to 600 hours of funded early learning for their two-year-old child. Here at the Penicuik Family Learning Centre, the children enjoy the secure and homely environment. All the learning is child-led through appropriate play. Our professional team will support with all areas of development and work closely with other professionals such as speech and language therapists.

Courses and support for parents 

“It’s a multi-agency service giving help to children and parents or carers. For example, parents often do courses to build their confidence and parenting skills and the support network is great if they are feeling alone and isolated.”

More families are eligible

More than 150 families on certain benefits and with an annual income of less than £16,105 have already secured up to 600 hours in a nursery or other setting such as a childminder across Midlothian. However, there are still more Midlothian families, especially in and around Penicuik, eligible for a place for their two-year-old child.

Funded hours almost doubling by 2020

The number of nursery hours for our eligible 2-year-olds and three and four-year-olds will be almost doubling by 2020 to 1140 hours.

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8 May 2018