New Provost of Midlothian

Provost of Midlothian, Councillor Peter Smaill

Councillor Peter Smaill (63) has been elected as the new Provost of Midlothian. A Conservative and Unionist councillor, Councillor Smaill represents Midlothian East.

Elected a councillor in 2017

Following a career in private equity finance, Peter Smaill became chair of Midlothian Council’s Audit Committee in 2013 and was elected a councillor in 2017. He holds qualifications in law, business studies and accountancy.

Historic office

Commenting on his appointment at a meeting of the full council on Tuesday (May 8) the provost said that he hoped he would “prove himself worthy of this historic office.”

Tribute to his predecessor

He also paid tribute to his predecessor, the former provost and Labour councillor, Adam Montgomery, who died suddenly earlier this year. Councillor Smaill said that Councillor Montgomery understood that healthy discussion, debate and controversy are all important aspects of the democratic process.

9 May 2018