Do you have experience of funeral poverty?

Have you ever struggled to pay the costs of a loved one's funeral? Would you be willing to talk openly about your experiences in a short film?

Contact our Equalities Engagement Officer

What is funeral poverty?

Funeral poverty is where the price of a funeral is beyond a person’s ability to pay. This problem is getting a lot worse because funerals are getting much more expensive at the same time as support from the government is drying up.

Increased costs

Funeral poverty has increased by 50% in just three years. The impact of funeral poverty can be financial, in the form of unmanageable debt, but it can also be emotional in the form of the distress, shame and the perceived stigma of not being able to provide a ‘decent send-off’ for someone we love.

Short film

The Communities Faith Partnership which is part of the wider Midlothian Community Planning Partnership is running a Funeral Poverty event on Wednesday 26 September. The aim of this event is to find solutions and support for people affected by funeral poverty.  The council is hoping to make a short film about the impact of funeral poverty to show at this event and is looking for people to share their experiences for this film.

Interested in sharing your experiences?

If you would be interested in taking part in this then please contact Erin Cuthbertson, Equalities Engagement Officer by 17 August on:

3 Jul 2018