How we plan to accommodate growing pupil numbers

At the full Council meeting on Tuesday, councillors were updated on the learning estate strategy, which outlines how the council will accommodate growing pupil numbers to 2043.

Level of growth

The report outlines the level of growth across each of Midlothian’s learning communities and the significant funding gap which the council faces in delivering the learning estate strategy.

The report touches on the further work officers will undertake to develop a strategic solution to funding the required investment in the learning estate.  

Asking for government support

Midlothian Council will ask the Scottish Government for support in meeting the costs of replacing Beeslack High School with a new school on the A701 corridor, refurbishing Penicuik High School and building a new Mayfield School Campus.

The report also gives details of timings for three consultations.

More about the consultations

Discussions on denominational school provision across Midlothian have been held with head teachers and representatives of the Catholic Church.  In February of this year, the full Council agreed to progress with a statutory consultation. A pre-consultation with teachers, parents, the church and other interested parties is due to begin in June with a six week statutory consultation underway from the end of August.

A pre-consultation will be held between now and October on the future of Glencorse Primary before the six week statutory consultation gets underway at the end of October.

Councillors heard a third consultation on the new primary school in Easthouses and its catchment is scheduled for February of next year.

The report

7 May 2019