Open air concert in King's Park

Make Music 2019 King's Park

Join Midlothian Council’s Ageing Well project for an open air concert at King’s Park in Dalkeith pm Friday 21 June to help celebrate Make Music Day, a global celebration on the longest day of the year.

Can't help singing

Ageing Well, a Midlothian Council service offering health and wellbeing activities for older people, has enlisted its Can’t Help Singing Group for the afternoon. Come along and hear the singers between 2.30pm and 3.30pm.

Global celebration

Musical festivities in Dalkeith are part of a global celebration of music making in over 1,000 cities inspired by France’s te de la Musique.

Join them

The Ageing Well singers invite everyone from professional musicians to people who have never picked up an instrument to join in the global music celebration by attending on the day.

An hour of great songs

“The ‘Can’t help singing’ group bring great joy and fun to everyone and are always entertaining groups throughout Midlothian. Join them for an hour of great songs and I’ll guarantee you’ll leave the park with a smile on your face” said Vivian Wallace, the Ageing Well Coordinator

Music has lots of benefits

Music has been shown to strengthen social connectivity, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, stimulate memory, and is integral to a well-rounded, enjoyable life. By participating in Make Music Day, Ageing Well, Midlothian encourage every form of music making.

Find out more

Ageing Well is a project run by volunteers to enhance the quality of life of older people in Midlothian by encouraging them to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle. They do this by offering various activities including singing, dancing, walking and new age kurling to name a few. For more information call 0131 561 6506

About Make Music Day

Held annually on June 21, Make Music Day is part of the international Fête de la Musique, taking place in more than 1,000 cities across 120 countries. The daylong, musical free-for-all celebrates music in all its forms, encouraging people to band together and play in free public concerts. This year, more than 80 U.S. cities are organizing Make Music Day celebrations, encompassing thousands of concerts nationwide. Make Music Day is presented by the NAMM Foundation, and coordinated by the Make Music Alliance.

12 Jun 2019