Council moves to end period poverty in Midlothian

Free sanitary products

Thousands of women and girls across the county can now access free sanitary products in Midlothian Council public buildings, including libraries and leisure centres.

Free supplies in 12 public buildings

Supplies are already available in primary and secondary school toilets. Funded by the Scottish Government, the sanitary products will now also be available in 12 council buildings. The products are mainly in the public toilets but in buildings with no public toilet they are discreetly on display.

Where to find them

Not affordable for some women

Speaking on behalf of the council, Councillor Kelly Parry said: “Thousands of women and girls across the UK cannot afford to buy sanitary products. Research by the charity Plan International in 2017 suggests that one in 10 girls and women - aged between 14 and 21 - in the UK has been affected at some point.

Impacts on day-to-day lives

“Imagine the humiliation and discomfort, not to mention the impact this can have on someone’s education and everyday life?

“I’m proud we, as a council, have embraced this opportunity to extend this initiative beyond schools and to make the products readily available in our public buildings.

Take what you need

“We’d encourage everyone who needs sanitary products to take what they need.”


The company, Initial supplies the products for Midlothian Council schools while Hey Girls! supplies non-education buildings.

The council will be looking at other locations within Midlothian to put more boxes.


Cllr Parry is pictured with Newbattle High School S6 pupil Becky Stevenson, Newbattle leisure assistant, Erin Clarkson, in the middle, and S6 pupil Cara Pryde.


18 Feb 2020