Council Leader calls for clarity on new regulations

Midlothian Council Leader, Derek Milligan has called for clear and conclusive direction on the latest Scottish Government legislation and guidelines on new coronavirus restrictions.

Confusion and unfairness

With certain large businesses using the definition of ‘cafe’ to permit ongoing trade despite advertising as a 'restaurant', Cllr Milligan has stressed that the current position has not only created confusion and unfairness across the hospitality sector but the lack of clarity has unfairly placed its Environmental Health and Licensing services in the firing line.

Need to be fair and consistent

Cllr Milligan said “We require the Scottish Government to be clear in their legislation and definitions so that our enforcement teams can be consistent and fair across the sector. What we currently have is large national companies riding rough-shod over the Scottish Government's lack of certainty and direction to the detriment of our independent and local caterers. It’s simply not good enough.

Prejudicing small local businesses

"If our Environmental Health services are to be the frontline in protecting public health, we need clear and unambiguous legislation to enforce. What we currently have is loose definitions that can be widely interpreted and it’s prejudicing our local small businesses who have been nothing short of champions through these difficult times.”


12 Oct 2020