We're looking for fostering heroes like Emma and David

Emma and David fostering

To mark the start of national Foster Care Fortnight from Monday 10 May, Midlothian Council is inviting local people to ‘do something incredible’ by becoming a ‘foster care hero’, just like David and Emma Murphy, pictured.  

Meet our heroes

The council has around 60 foster care ‘heroes’, individuals and couples from all walks of life, some of whom will be taking part in special online Zoom events on:

Wednesday 19 May: 2pm-3pm or 7pm-8pm
Thursday 20 May: 10am-11am or 7pm-8pm

To join

So if you would like to hear more about the joys, rewards and challenges of changing a child or young person’s life for the better from carers who do just that then get the Zoom link by emailing Family.PlacementDuty@midlothian.gov.uk  

Do something incredible

Head of Children’s Services Joan Tranent said: “Our foster carers are our heroes. They are there, round the clock, nurturing and caring for children and young people who need stability and support because their own families can’t look after them.

Consider fostering

“We always need more foster carers so please, do something incredible, by considering fostering with us.”  

Be like David and Emma

David and Emma will be among foster carers taking part in the online event. 

Gave up the corporate world

David and Emma left behind the corporate world of “stress and targets”, as David puts it, to foster and run a childminding business. 

Fostering full time

David and Emma, who are now focussing on fostering, have seven children between them and they also foster a baby, who is thriving. 

Don't feel special

David says they don’t feel heroic. He says: “We are just parents adding to our family on a temporary basis.”

Care and support

Emma and David foster younger children from babies to three-year-olds although they have also looked after older children. 

Best start in life

David says their aim is to give children in their care the best start in life by providing stability and care.

Love the outdoors

“Often the children’s lives have been chaotic,” he says. “We want to give them the experience of our family life.” Simple routines like family meals and set bed times along with days out in the family mini bus to explore woodlands soon make a difference. 

Great for everyone

“The children thrive,” says David. The couple’s children also get a new perspective on life.

Very proud

“They are very proud to be part of our fostering family,” says David who adds that if, like them, you love children, then he’d definitely recommend fostering. 

More about fostering and the events

Find out more about the Zoom online events and the ongoing training and supports that come with a career in fostering:

6 May 2021