Give your views on the proposed A701 Relief Road

A701 relief road consultation

We are inviting local people to give their views and come along to a webinar on the proposed A701 Relief Road and A702 Link Road at Straiton.

Come to a webinar or go online

The consultation runs from Tuesday 5 October 2021 until 5pm on Tuesday 26 October 2021. The webinar is on Tuesday 5 October from 6pm-8pm.

Visit the website to register

You will be able to read more about the proposals and make comments by visiting the consultation website.

Ask questions

The webinar is an opportunity to hear from the project team and ask questions, via the chat function, about the proposals.

Coronavirus restrictions

Because of COVID, there are no face-to-face events currently. 

To ease congestion

Midlothian Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for economic development, Councillor Russell Imrie said: “The proposals would support planned development in the A701 corridor; ease congestion and critically, support the City Deal growth project at Easter Bush Estate, promoted by the University of Edinburgh. 

Space for walking, cycling and public transport

“In tandem, the bypassed section of the A701 will be developed as a sustainable transport corridor, with more walking, cycling and public transport space while keeping local access.”

A preferred route to be chosen

Cllr Imrie said the project is now at a stage where enough technical work has been done to be able to usefully explain the current options with a view to selecting a preferred route.

Feedback will help the project team

He added: “We are looking for the public’s views on those.  The feedback will be useful for the project team and would form part of the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) route selection process. That preferred route would be the subject of a future planning application.”

Opportunity in coming months to comment on the planning application

Any feedback to the project team as part of the consultation will not be considered as formal representations to Midlothian Council’ Planning Service and will therefore, not be included in the planning application. Instead, residents will have a separate opportunity to formally comment on the planning application once submitted.

27 Sep 2021