More than 1,000 visits to cost of living support web pages in six weeks

Council Leader Councillor Kelly Parry said she was saddened but not surprised more than 1,000 local people had already visited new pages on the council’s website to get help with the cost of living.

Set up six weeks ago

The pages at were set up in early September and in the six weeks since then had been visited 1,063 times by individuals.

Wide ranging supports

The pages include information under headings including money, fuel, food and clothing.

High demand

Cllr Parry, who also heads the cross-party Cost of Living Taskforce, said: “While I’m reassured local people can see at a glance a whole range of supports that hopefully will help them, I’m obviously saddened there’s such high demand for this information.

Worrying times

“That said, I’m certainly not surprised. Every councillor in the county is aware of constituents from all walks of life now relying on food banks and worried about paying bills and putting the heating on.

No let up soon

“I’ve never seen hardship like this in my time as a councillor and the recent news inflation has reached more than 10% is indication the situation is not likely to change any time soon.”

If you need help

Visit the pages at and follow the council’s cost of living news on Twitter using the #MidlothianCares hashtag.

21 Oct 2022