Positive inspection for local primary school

Moorfoot Primary School in North Middleton has been rated as ‘good’ for the quality of its learning, teaching and assessment in both the primary school and early learning classes.

Inspectors visited in November

Inspectors from the Scottish Government education standards body, Education Scotland, visited Moorfoot in November.

Good for raising attainment

Inspectors rated the primary school as ‘good’ for raising attainment and achievement while securing children’s progress in early learning also achieved a ‘good’ rating.

Inclusive and caring ethos

​The report praises the whole school for its “inclusive and caring ethos”, which is “underpinned by a commitment to the principles of nurture and the school’s vision, values and aims of learning, inspiration, friendship and enjoyment. (LIFE).”

Children's digital skills

​Inspectors were impressed by primary age children’s digital technology skills to enhance and support their learning.

Additional support for learning

Processes are in place for identifying children who may require additional support for learning, according to the inspection findings, while “the quality and range of support is helping children to overcome barriers to learning”.

Closing gaps in attainment

During the visit, inspectors spoke with children, parents and carers and staff. They noted senior leaders and staff members’ commitment to professional learning and working with partners to find creative ways to teach and improve children’s learning. This includes work to close gaps in attainment, particularly in writing and numbers.

Nurturing environment

​Head Teacher John Dagger said:  “We are particularly pleased that our inclusive and caring ethos and LIFE values were recognised and the commitment we have to nurturing these.  

Appreciate the recognition

​“We are also pleased that it has been recognised how we are using digital technology to enhance and support learning and the level of skill children demonstrated. 

Working in partnership

​“Both of these strengths are areas we have worked on over a number of years in partnership with our pupils and families as a whole community, and it is rewarding to have them highlighted.

Areas for improvement

​Inspectors noted two areas for improvement, continuing to develop ways to assess and moderate learning and teaching across the curriculum and continuing to improve ways to track children’s progress in learning in the early learning and childcare setting.

Parent Council welcomes report

​Parent Council Chair Sarah Anderson said: “I welcome the inspection report and its conclusions. The overall good result is testament to the hard work of the staff of Moorfoot Primary, its pupils, families and carers, and the wider community who contribute to the school. Where there is any scope for improvement we will work hard with the school to support it in its progress.”

Work underway

​John Dagger added: “I am happy that the areas of improvement are both recognised to be work that is already underway across the whole school.”

20 Dec 2022