Glyphosate weed killer

Locations sprayed

This is a list by date of Midlothian street and pavement locations sprayed with glyphosate weed killer.

21 September 2022

Belwood Area, Glencourse Area, Auchendinny to loanstone to Howgate pavement, Cockpen crossroads to Sun Inn & hard areas Miller Scheme

14 September 2022

Greenlaw Mains Area, Mauricewood Area

13 September 2022

Spalding Crescent, Eskbank Road, Ancrum Place, Dalhousie Crescent, Lasswade Road, Mauricewood Drive, Mauricewood Loan, Bluebell Drive, Bellwood Road, Bush Loan Road, Shaws Court, Pine Grove, Torrence Medway, Birch Terrace & Stevenson Road. 

8 September 2022

Shawfair to The Wisp, Sherrifhall to Ironmills & Ironmills Area

7 September 2022

Eskhill, Tait Drive, Woodside Drive, Loanburn Avenue, Carnethy Avenue, Eastfield Drive, Eastfield Park Road, Pentland Way,Strathesk Road, Strathesk Place, Windsor Drive, Eskvale Drive, Cuiken Avenue, Carlops Crescent, Pentland Terrace, Glaskhill Terrace & West Cairn Crescent

2 September 2022

Cornbank, Cuiken Terrace, Begbie View, Birch Terrace, Pine Grove, Shaws Court, Stevenson Road, Eastfield Road, Valleyfield, Windsor Drive, Eskview Drive, Wilson Street & Bog Road.

1 September 2022

Rullion Road, Royal Court, Anne Street, Marchburn Drive, Cuiken Terrace, Royal Court, Anne Street, Charles Street, Lawrie Drive, Laing Terrace, Cowan Terrace, Dykes Road, Queensway, Rosewell B Road & Roslin B Road

Locations sprayed during August 2022

31 August 2022

Woodburn Area, Kirkhill Area, Imrie Place & Waukmill Drive

25 August 2022

Borthwick Castle Terrace, Borthwick Castle Place, A7 Shell Garage to Middleton, Rosewell Road, James Lean Avenue, Bill Russell Grove, Woodburn Drive, Spalding Crescent, Gibson Drive, Wilson Avenue, Eskdail Court (slabbed area), Dalkeith High Street (from Buccleuch pub to Country Park)

23 August 2022

Lugton Brae and Melville Gate Area, Whitecraig Road, Cowden Area, Danderhall Area (not main streets)

19 August 2022

Carrington Road, Lugton Road, Whitecraig Road, Waterfall Walk Area & B6414 to Campus

17 August 2022

Bilston Area, Bush to Damhead Road, Ford, Whitehill, Edgehead & Pathhead

12 August 2022

Roslin Area & Butlerfield Industrial Estate

11 August 2022

Langlaw Area, Kippielaw Park, Hamilton Crescent, Shaw Place, Lawfield Road, Andrew Dodds Avenue, David Scott Avenue, Holly Bank, Conifer Road, Elm Place, Mayfield Place & Rosewell Area

10 August 2022

Blackcot Area, Dougal Place, Dougal Court, St. Lukes Area, Stone Place, Stone Avenue, Sycamore Road, Beechgrove Road, Campview Road, Cook Crescent, Westhouses Area, Laurelbank, Miller Scheme, Rowantree Road, Buckie Road, Laburnum Place, Camp Road & D'Arcy Terrace

9 August 2022

Glenview, Parkhill, Engine Road, The Avenue, Dundas Gardens, St. Andrews Way, New Hunterfield, Greenhall Crescent, Clearburn Avenue, Pentland Avenue, Newtongrange Main Street, Galadale, Bryans Road, Gardiner Place, Bryans Avenue, Beechwood Park, Mansfield area, Reed Drive, Hamilton Crescent, McCathie Drive, Anderson Avenue & Easthouses Area

8 August 2022

Stobhill Road, Lingerwood Walk, Monkswood Road, The Crescent Robert Franks Avenue, Barleyknowe Area, Jubilee Crescent, New Park Gardens, Greenhall Road, Hunterfield Road, Gore Avenue, Newbyres Crescent, Swan Crescent, Emily Place, Burnside Road, Juner Place, Wilson Road, Carlowrie Place, McLean Place, Hillside Crescent, Braeside Road, Vogrie Place & Bonnybank.

5 August 2022

Penicuik High school, Beeslack High school, Cuiken Primary school, Edinburgh Road, Mauricewood to Barracks, Grahams Road, Glencourse Park, Westerhaugh, Belwood Road, Stevenson Road, Catriona Terrace, Balfour Terrace, Hawkins Terrace & Trelawney Terrace

2 August 2022

Lasswade High car park, Musselburgh Road from Thornybank towards Whitecraig, Thornybank Area & Shadepark Area hard standings

1 August 2022

Birkenside to Temple Road, Old Middleton, Moorfoot Primary, Middleton Upwards A7, Tynewater Primary Crichton Road, Birkenside, Cook Crescent, Mayfield Medical Centre,  

Locations sprayed during July 2022

29 July 2022

Carrington Back Road, Temple Back Road, Roslin Primary, Bilston Primary, Roslin Glen & Arniston B Road

28 July 2022

Straiton Pond, Paradykes Primary School, Loanhead Primary School, Lasswade Primary School, Bonnyrigg Primary School, Newtongrange Primary School, Bogwood Court, Newtongrange Main Street old pool site, Newtongrange Library front & Lang Loan

27 July 2022

St Matthews Primary School, Rosewell Primary Schoo;, Hawthornden Primary School, New St Marys Primary School, Lasswade High School, Newbattle High School, Lawfield Primary School, Goreglen Primary School, St Andrews Primary School, Stobhill Primary School, Gorebridge Primary School & entrance to Mayfield Park.

26 July 2022

School Green, Slabbed Area Woodburn Grove, Hillhead Court, Broomieknowe Area, Eldindean Area, Viewbank Area,, Pendreich Area, Leyden Place, Raes Gardens, Quarryfoot Gardens, Douglas Crescent,Lothian Street,Wimpey Scheme, Eskbank Road, Waverley Area, Maryfield Place, Sherwood Industrial & Bairds Way Area

25 July 2022

Eskdale Court, Hawthornden Avenue, Hunter Terrace, Moffat Avenue, A6094, Polton Place, Dobbies Road, Park Road, Park Crescent, High Street, Hillhead, Broomieknowe, Grove End & Cuguen Place

22 July 2022

Dalhousie Gardens, Dalhousie Drive, Dalhousie Road West, Hopefield Place, Dalhousie Road East, Eskdale Drive, Dalhousie Avenue, Polton Gardens, Pryde Terrace, Eskdale Terrace, Hawthornden Gardens, Pryde Avenue & Petendreia Court

21 July 2022

Polton Avenue Road, Seaforth Terrace, Gordon Avenue, Argyle Place, Polton Road West, Cameron Crescent, Andy Kelly Way, St. Annes Avenue, Walker Place, De Quincy Road, McLean Place, Ramsey Terrace, Mavisbank Place, Methven Terrace, Polton Bank, Farm Avenue, Polton Drive, Polton Road, Melville View, Pentland Road, Dalhousie Avenue West & Dalhousie Place.

20 July 2022

Sherwood Area, Cockpen Road, Durham Bank, Durham Place, Durham Grove, Campview Road, Dickson Grove, Moorfoot View, Moorfoot Place, Union Paark, Polton Street, Chesters Area, Cockpen View Area & Rosewell Road (Kerbs & Hard Standing)

18 July 2022

Mayfield Combined School, Peebles Road Penicuik to Leadburn

12 July 2022

Howgate to Leadburn, Leadburn to Penicuik, Vogrie road from Gorebridge to A68

11 July 2022

Carrington Road, Waverly Crescent, Namur Road, Ewing Street, Salamanca Crescent, Foster Road, Foster Place, Inkerman Court, Blenheim Court, Boyd Orr Drive, Johnston Place & Arras Grove

8 July 2022

Teviot Grove, Lynne Terrace, Wyvis Park, Nevis Gardens, Lomond Vale, Armine Place, Assynt Bank, Cruachan Court, Mauricewood Area (Kerbs & Hardstanding)

7 July 2022

Eastfield Drive, Loanburn Avenue, Woodside Drive, Carnethy Avenue, Eastfield Farm Road, Eastfield Park Road, Strathesk Place, Strathesk Road, Windsor Terrace, Windsor Road, Windsor Drive, Kirkhill Road, Kirkhill Way, Eskhill, Eskbridge, Eskmill Road, Eskvale Drive & Eskvale View (kerbs & Hardstanding)

1 July 2022

Shawfair Park & Ride and approach roads, Smithy Green Avenue, Drumview Avenue, The Circle, Woolmet Cres. Edmonstone Terrace, Redcroft Street, Kaimes View, Redcroft Road, A 7 Danderhall approach, Millerhill Road, The Wisp, hardstanding and slabbed areas

Locations sprayed during June 2022

30 June 2022

Clarinda Gardens Play Area

27 June 2022

Polton Court, Cockpen Scheme, Cockpen Garages, Blackcott Garages

24 June 2022

Lasswade High School Car Park, Burnbrae & Westhouses hard standing areas

23 June 2022

Cairnbank Road, St James View, St James Gardens, Broomhill Road, Broomhill Avenue, Craigiebield Crescent, Wilson Street, Cranston Street, Jackson Street, Bellmans Road, Greenhill Park, Crocket Gardens, Hopefield & Burnbrae

22 June 2022

Rullion Road, Anne Street, Charles Street, Queensway, Dykes Road, Cuiken Terrace, Clerk Road, Greenhall Park, Cairns Crescent, Pentland Terrace, Bellmans Road, Cuiken Avenue, Strathesk Road, Windsor Road, Eskvale Drive, Windsor Drive, Eskmill Road & Esk Bridge

20 June 2022

Eskbank, Shadepark, Gibraltar, Cousland, Cowden, Pathhead, Ford, Edgehead, Whitehill & Lasswade Road

16 June 2022

Woodburn Area Completed. Roslin area & Bilston area

15 June 2022

Loanhead area, Roslin bus route

14 June 2022

Finished Mayfield area, Rosewell area & Auchendinny

13 June 2022

Bryans area, Easthouses area, Hawthorn Cres, Kippielaw Park, Shaw Place, Langlaw area, Andrew Dodds Ave, Conifer Road, David Scott Ave, Buckie Road

10 June 2022

Reed Drive, Mansfield road, Gardiners Place, Bryans Road, McCathie Drive, Anderson Ave & Hamilton Cres, Birkenside, Gorebridge, Gowkshill, Lingerwood, Reed Drive Polton Road, Hawthornden Ave, Staiside Road, Cameron Cres, Farm Ave, De Quincey area, Polton Drive, Pentland Road, Dobbies Road, Moffet Ave, Moffat Place, Park Avenue, Methven Terrace, Rosewell Road, Cockpen View, Chesters area, Moorfoot View, Union Park, Campview Road, Durham Place, Durham Bank, Sherwood area & Industrial Estate, Brixwold, Bairds Way, Laird Terrace, Waverley area, Dundas Park, Auld Orchard, Lothian Street, Wimpey Scheme, Viewbank area, Pendreich area, Eldindean area, Quarryfoot Gardens, Raes Gardens, Douglas Cres, Golf Course Road, Hillhead, Broomieknowe area, Gorebridge bus route, Newtongrange bus route, Mayfield bus route, Easthouses bus route, Dalhousie Castle, Woodburn Road