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Buying and selling property

When buying and selling a property, the conveyancing will usually require confirmation that all building works have all necessary permissions and approvals.

We can help in the successful transfer of a property by providing key information and copies of formal building warrant paperwork.

The Building Standards Register

Local authority verifiers are required to keep a Building Standards Register for the geographical area of the authority. For each project, the register and associated historical case file archive includes:

  • copies of building warrants,
  • copies of completion certificates,
  • the principal drawings and specifications, and
  • other relevant information.

We can give access to documents in the Building Standards archive to help with future building proposals, or for historical information about your property.

The register consists of two parts, Part 1 containing information/data and Part 2 containing the actual documents.

Part 1 - data

Part 1 of the Building Standards Register contains information on building warrants and completion certificates, including:

  • reference numbers
  • description of works
  • significant dates (received, valid and decision)
  • details of the applicant, agent and owner
  • property address
  • proposed use and certification.

For work undertaken since 1 May 2005, the Part 1 data is available online for free from the Building Standards Register:

For work undertaken before 01 May 2005, the same Part 1 data is held on a mix of an electronic system, paper cards and ledgers. Access can be arranged for free, but you should be aware that finding the information you need can be time consuming. Viewing of these documents is by appointment only. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Part 2 - documents

Depending on the project and your interest in it, for a fee, it may be possible for you to get copies of documents.

Copy documents service

You can request searches and copies of documents:

Email details of the documents you are requiring copies of (which must include the property address, details of the work undertaken and where possible a building warrant reference) to We will then reply advising how we can best meet your requirements.