Inspections of building work

Construction Compliance and Notification Plan (CCNP)

A CCNP is a summary of the key stages of a building project that need to be inspected by Midlothian Building Standards.

The number of key inspection stages in a CCNP depends on the complexity of the project.

Your CCNP is issued as part of your building warrant pack.

Who should use the CCNP?

You are responsible for notifying us when each key stage in your CCNP is ready to be inspected on site.

It is important that the CCNP for your project is given to the person responsible for the work on site, such as your builder or clerk of works.

If you are an agent involved only in obtaining a building warrant, please ensure that the CCNP is passed and explained to your client.

We are happy to provide extra copies of your CCNP upon request.

Sample Construction Compliance and Notification Plan (CCNP)

Download a sample CCNP for a domestic alteration and extension:

Each CCNP has 2 parts:

  • Part 1 - details the project, contact information, and lists the key inspection stages for the project. Other evidence which is acceptable instead of an inspection may also be detailed.
  • Part 2 - lists the supporting documents to be submitted with a Completion Certificate - Submission, only when all the work is completed.

Notify us at each key stage

The notification for each individual stage should allow enough time for us to inspect that stage, before the work continues to the next stage.

Notifications can be via telephone, email or letter to the case surveyor. Contact details are on your CCNP. The case surveyor will then schedule the inspection at the earliest suitable time.

Please note that if work progresses past any key stage listed in your CCNP without us being notified, a disruptive inspection may be required.

If key stages are delayed on site, please keep the case surveyor informed.