Inspections of building work


Under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003, all Building Standards sections throughout Scotland must undertake reasonable inquiry to check that building works comply with the minimum standards required by the Building Regulations.

It is important to understand that our inspections are not to check the quality of work, nor to supervise work on site.

Types of inspections

The stages of construction we need to inspect will depend on the type of work you are undertaking.

We may also use sampling at key construction stages, where a small part of a particular construction stage may be inspected, to obtain an indication of compliance for the whole of that construction stage.

How many inspections are undertaken?

The number of inspections we undertake for your project depends on the risk we associate with the work.

Arranging site inspections

During your project, we will need to inspect key construction stages of the work. It is your responsibility to notify us that the work is ready for inspection at the key stages.

Contact information for the case surveyor is on all correspondence we issue.

Please give the case surveyor as much notice as possible, so that the work will not be held up waiting on inspection.

If the work is delayed, or you cannot attend an arranged inspection, please contact the case surveyor as soon as you can.