Search for building warrant applications, completion certificates and notices

The Building Standards Register

The online Building Standards Register contains up-to-date information on building warrant applications and enforcement notices.

Building Standards Register

The Register has 2 sections:

Applications section

Allows you to view information on:

  • building warrants (pending building warrant applications and granted building warrants),
  • completion certificates,
  • certificates of design, and
  • certificates of construction.

Notices section

Contains information on formal notices issued by Midlothian Council under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 relating to:

  • continuing requirement contravention (Section 26),
  • building warrant contravention (Section 27),
  • defective buildings (Section 28), and
  • dangerous buildings (Section 29/30).

Searching the online Building Standards Register

The information is current at the time of your search and is continually updated throughout the day.

No drawings are available for viewing on the Building Standards Register.

Please note that:

  • For confidentiality reasons, some information is not shown.
  • If an applicant decides to withdraw a building warrant application, the entry remains on the Building Standards Register.
  • Invalid applications are not included on the Building Standards Register.

Anyone can use the Midlothian Council Public Access site, but you must register to use the advanced notification features.

Access to documents

The online Building Standards Register provides basic information on building warrants and completion certificates, and can be accessed free. It may be possible to get copies of the relevant documents, although there may be some restrictions. A fee is required for our Copy documents service.


The online Building Standards Register facility has been developed to be an efficient system for tracking current building warrant applications, and for searching for granted building warrants, completion certificates and notices registered since 01 May 2005.

The available data may not provide the entire historical record for a property, and therefore should not be relied upon for a full historical search.

Midlothian Council uses reasonable effort to include accurate and up-to-date information on its web pages, however, all information appearing is general information only.

Midlothian Council does not assume liability or give any warranty of any kind for the information and data contained or omitted from this site or for any action or inaction made in reliance thereon. Information presented on this website or associated sites may be changed at any time. Specific advice should be taken in respect of specific situations.