Residential disabled parking places

To apply for a place, you need:

  • A valid Blue Badge
  • A suitable vehicle registered to your address. A photocopy of your vehicle registration certificate V5C (log book) is also required. The vehicle registration document must have the same address as the applicant.
  • And your home does not have an accessible garage or driveway.


  • When you park in an enforceable space, your Blue Badge must be visible or you could receive a penalty notice.
  • If a disabled parking place is painted on the street outside your house, other Blue Badge holders may use it.


Apply online for a disabled person's parking space

Or if you prefer, download and print the application form:

After we receive your form

We will decide whether or not you meet the criteria for a disabled parking space. If not, we will write to you explaining the reasons for this.

If you do meet the criteria:

  1. An inspector will visit you at home to discuss where you prefer your parking space to be. If you are out, the inspector will assess the most appropriate location for it.
  2. We will send you a plan by post for approval, showing the proposed place.
  3. When you have approved the plan, we will send it to our road marking contractor. At this stage your parking space is "advisory only" and it cannot be enforced yet.
  4. We will advertise the plan and invite objections. If anyone objects, this will delay the process until a decision is made.

Due to demand, there is a backlog of “advisory” spaces waiting to begin the legal process to make them enforceable.

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