Our Spending Choices

Spending Choices 2019/20

Current projections show that Midlothian Council will have £201.4 million available to fund services next year. However continuing cuts in Scottish Government funding, at a time of increased demand for key services such as education and social care, means that this is £5.25 million short of what is needed.  Estimates suggest that this budget gap could rise to £23.2 million by 2022/23.

Income and savings

The projected funding available for next year already incorporates an increase in council tax of 3 per cent, although no increase will be confirmed until the council meets to agree its budget in February 2019.  A programme of savings and service changes approved by the council last year has also been factored in.  Although this is expected to deliver £2.65 million in savings in 2019/20, this still leaves an additional £5.25 million to be found next year.

Fixed costs

Because some parts of Midlothian Council’s budget, such as teacher costs and services for children and the elderly, are either fixed or face increased demands, the impact of funding cuts on other council services is expected to be more severe. The spending shortfall for these other services amounts to 9% for next year, with the potential to rise to 45% by 2022/23.

Public engagement

The council has agreed that there should be a period of public engagement on the financial challenges it faces. This will take place over the Autumn/ Winter of 2018/19, before the new budget is finalised in February 2019.

Your views on spending priorities

Our Spending Choices 2019/20 will look at how best to meet the demand for key services and give residents and community organisations the opportunity to give their views on spending priorities. Further details will appear on these pages shortly.

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