Communications and Marketing team

Contact us for queries on:

  • press
  • media
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Service areas and contacts

Service Name Telephone
Adult health and social care Fergus Grierson 07741295918 (Wed-Fri)
Children's Services Lynn Cochrane  07798924206
Commercial Operations, incl. roads and parks Lynn Cochrane/Fergus Grierson As above
Communities and Economies Lynn Cochrane As above
Customer and Housing Services, incl. libraries Ranaa Ahmed 07990136866 (mobile Mon,Tues and alternate Wed)
Education Lynn Cochrane / Ranaa Ahmed As above
Finance and Integrated Service Support Ranaa Ahmed As above
Internal communications and engagement Lynn Cochrane As above
Property and Facilities Management, incl. Hillend and sports facilities Lynn Cochrane/Fergus Grierson As above

Out of hours

You can reach a senior council officer outwith office hours through the emergency service on 0131 663 7211. You will be called back as soon as possible.