Apply for music tuition at school

A professional team of music instructors works closely with schools to deliver an exciting and challenging curriculum.

What your child will get out of lessons

There are many benefits to learning a new instrument, such as improved concentration, self-discipline, social skills and more.

400 parents, carers and pupils responded to our survey about the benefits of music tuition.

Who can apply for lessons?

At present, pupils from Primary 6 upwards will be able to apply for lessons, subject to availability, from September 2021.  No previous experience is necessary.  The timetable for offering instrumental lessons in 2021 is:

  • August – All pupils currently receiving lessons and former YMI project pupils.
  • September – New Secondary and Primary 7 pupils.
  • October – New Primary 6 Pupils.  

While we cannot offer every instrument at every primary school, a full range of instruments are offered at every secondary school, subject to availability.   

Historically, we have allowed pupils to learn a second instrument if space is available. However because of high demand, this is no longer available to new pupils.

Cost of lessons

There are no charges for lessons for the academic year 2021/2022.

When do lessons take place?

Lessons take place during school time. Secondary pupils are taken out of classes on a rotational basis. Although lessons will mainly be face-to-face, some lessons will be online using Google MEETS.  Some lessons may also take place remotely after school. Parental agreement forms for online tuition will be included in the registration process in September. 

Will my child sit exams?

There are opportunities to sit graded exams from one of the major bodies, including ABRSM and Trinity Schools of Music. These exams attract valuable points which can be recorded on University (UCAS) application forms.

Progress is monitored throughout the year and parents will receive an annual progress report. Senior pupils (S4 to S6) reports will be issued in December and Junior pupils (Primary 6 to S3) will be issued in May. 

How do I get lessons for my child?

Find out what lessons are available at your school:

If your child currently does not receive lessons:

We will make every effort to accommodate your child, but if there are no vacancies they will go on a waiting list.

My child already gets lessons at school. Do I need to re-register for lessons?

Yes, we need to confirm details of all pupils receiving lessons. If you wish your child to continue with music lessons please register here:

Are there any other opportunities to learn a musical instrument outside school time?

The Youth Music Initiative (YMI) supports 3 after school projects for strings, brass and woodwind. 

Details for joining these groups will be sent to parents via primary schools by November. P5 pupils will be offered places for this academic year.

Playing in ensembles

Pupils will have opportunities to play in various ensembles, both at school and regional level, performing locally, nationally and internationally.

Many of Midlothian's young musicians also play with national ensembles, and several go on to study music and to pursue music as a career.

School ensembles are limited at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, it is hoped that they will emerge to pre-covid levels throughout this academic year.

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