First bulky uplift no longer free

However, in line with many other local authorities, the first uplift of the year will no longer be free from April.

Withdrawing the one free uplift annually per household will increase income to the council of around £62,000 in 2016/17.

A spokesman said: “We’re pleased we’ve been able to keep the £20 charge the same. However, we realise residents will be disappointed that their first bulky uplift will no longer be free.

“Many other local authorities have already gone down the same route. Across Scotland the average cost for this service is currently around £28.50.

Difficult budget decisions

“We hope residents will understand that, in tough times like these, we are doing the best we can to protect and enhance services such as education.

“By investing in areas including adult health and social care integration and making sure all our employees are getting the living wage and above, we have had to make some very difficult decisions to address a £7 million budget gap.

“Unfortunately that will mean the price of some services has to rise, we hope by a fair amount.”

8 Mar 2016