Intervening early to tackle crime

By focusing resources on intervening early to tackle the causes of crime, Midlothian Council remains on target to save £250,000 by 2018.

Preventing problems that cause crime

A range of partners such as Midlothian and East Lothian Drug and Alcohol Partnership (MELDAP) work to prevent and reduce abuse problems while, for example, the council’s  trading standards target the sale of illegal highs to make our communities safer.

A council spokeswoman said: “The number of alcohol aggravated crimes between April 2015 and the end of the year is down 1.4% on the same period the previous year. Meanwhile, there are 5.4% fewer recorded crimes recorded overall during the same period.

“We continue to target resources where they are most effective. For example, along with our partner agencies, we are managing tenancies more effectively of people charged by the police at the Midlothian Antisocial Behaviour and Violent Offender Monitoring Group (ASBVO).


“This group meets each month with a range of partners to deal with persistent instances of antisocial behaviour and violent crime. The group takes into account the additional support needs of individual or families. Actions are then taken to deal with antisocial behaviour. For example, a tenancy warning might be issued or an Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) applied for. In some instances, antisocial behaviour will lead to an eviction.

“We’re also making sure antisocial behaviour is reported to private or housing association landlords to allow them to take effective action.

“We want to continue our efforts in delivering results by taking an integrated approach to community safety.  By exploring further ways of working with police and fire services as well as other local authorities, there are savings we can make.”

Currently there are two council-funded community police teams (MCAT). It is proposed that this service will be redesigned with police, fire and community safety partners, and the funding reduced by 25% in 2016/17. By 2017/18 there will no longer be any council funded police officers.

8 Mar 2016