Council signs up to recycling charter

Helping residents recycle more

The charter is a joint initiative between Scottish Ministers and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA).

The Council’s Head of Commercial Operations, Ricky Moffat said: “We want to work closely with Zero Waste Scotland and similar minded Scottish authorities to make it easier for people to recycle and further increase recycling rates. By working together to operate more consistent systems, there’s an opportunity to reduce what gets sent to landfill and cut down on confusion about what can be recycled where.”

Cuts down confusion

Presently there is a variety of different systems for collecting paper, glass, plastics, food and general waste across Scotland – you can go from one local authority to the bordering local authority and find different systems. While this is often the case for sound local reasons, as people move between different parts of Scotland it can lead to materials becoming contaminated and losing value, fetching lower prices, and simultaneously increasing the costs to councils for sorting and processing.

The charter will aim to improve participation and recycling rates, and also to improve the quality of recyclate collected.

22 Mar 2016