Council agrees more money for Pentland House work

Work will pay for specialist contractors

 The money will be used for specialist contractors to remove polystyrene, which was hidden below insulated asbestos panelling and is deemed a safety hazard in the event of a fire, at Pentland House in Penicuik.

Around £300,000 already committed for this project

The cabinet member for property and facilities, Councillor Derek Rosie, said: “It is an additional cost to the £300,000 already agreed for this project. However, we can’t cut corners when it comes to residents’ safety. We need to follow best practice as to how to dispose of this material safely and that will come at a cost."

What the work will involve

The Artex ceilings will be removed along with the timber framework and polystyrene. Council staff would then install new fire retardant insulation and replasterboard.

The property is due to open in 2017

The property, which is due to open in spring 2017, will have 40 bedrooms, four of which will be double bedrooms. Recommendations made to alleviate locals’ concerns included appropriate management and supervision of property by a team of experienced staff.

27 Sep 2016