Midlothian Council attracts investments

Tyne Esk LEADER funding, which is administered by Midlothian Council, has generated an additional investment of just over £300,000 to the Tyne Esk area after over £230,000 worth of grants were awarded to local companies.

The funding stream, which is made up of European Union and Scottish Government funding, is designed to help develop rural areas in Scotland and below is an outline of each successful application.  The Tyne Esk area covers rural Midlothian and East Lothian, which is most of both Local Authorities except for Musselburgh, Dalkeith, Newbattle and Woodburn.

Succesfull Applicants

A grant of £51,000 was awarded to Jerba Campervans to enable the company to build an extension to their workshop in order to capitalize on their innovative patented roof system and to diversify it into a roof supplier as well as a modifier. The grant will ensure further local recruitment into the organisation in a very rural area.

Leuchie House applied for a grant and was awarded £14,562 to recruit a Volunteer Development Coordinator with the aim to increase volunteers by 35%. The role will also organize volunteer contributions to ensure an even spread throughout the service and intends to develop new activities and projects to improve the service to guests and ensure business sustainability.

A grant of £18,000 was awarded to a farmer to ensure the restoration and safeguarding of a historical bridge for future generations. This project will ensure the safety of Kirkbridge and allow for the promotion of the walking route and provide additional custom for the nearby Humbie Hub café.

Applicant Andrew Bayne-Jardine said: “The success of our application has led us to celebrate the completion of an otherwise uncertain project.  The application seemed a daunting process, but was made much easier by the guiding lights of the programme co-ordinators.  We are so pleased and excited to be getting on with our project”.

The St Gabriel’s Hall Management Committee applied for a grant to allow for a full restoration of a large hall in Prestonpans. A grant of £89,677 was awarded to help increase the number of local users and the types of activity available to people in the area. This project received a large amount of local support and will help Prestonpans become a hub for events in the area such as the Three Harbours Festival. 

A grant of £60,650 was been awarded to the West Meikle Pinkerton Farm to create a holiday chalet with full disabled access including a hoist track from bedroom to wet room and wide doorways. This chalet aims to provide non-clinical holiday accommodation for people with a range of disabilities who can be accompanied by their families. This project fits in well with growing services for people with disabilities in the area, such as North Berwick’s Beach Wheelchairs.

Councillor Jim Bryant said: “The Tyne Esk LEADER is a great way for local business to apply for funds that can completely change the dynamic of their company and how it engages with the local community. Providing the opportunity to apply for funding helps our local business grow and adapt to changing industries while improving the local economy.

“Congratulations to the successful applicants and I look forward to seeing new and exciting things in Midlothian in 2017!.”

How to apply

LEADER funding can be applied for from any organisation with a focus on how the funds would improve the lives of local people and how it could improve the local economy. A project team is in place to provide vital support and advice throughout the application process so if you have any ideas which would come under any of the following categories please get in touch.

  • Communities
  • Rural Enterprise
  • Farm Diversification 

To do this please email info@tynnesk.co.uk or call 0131 271 3590.  Visit www.tyneesk.co.uk for more information.

13 Dec 2016