Councillors updated on gas leak

Midlothian Council is working with a team of experts to protect the health of Melville Housing tenants and private home owners on a Gorebridge development affected by raised levels on carbon dioxide (CO2). 

An Incident Management Team is investigating

At the Midlothian Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors heard that an Incident Management Team of public health experts including the council’s Environmental Health Officers, continues to investigate how best to address the cause of the raised levels of CO2 in and around Newbyres Avenue.

We're working to support Melville Housing tenants and private residents

Meanwhile, a Care for People Group, including the council’s adult health and social care and housing teams, is working with Melville Housing to support residents impacted.

Some Melville tenants have been decanted

Tenants from four of the 28 properties in the Melville Housing development at Newbyres Avenue have been decanted because of CO2 from an adjacent abandoned coal mine seeping into some of the properties.

Alarms have been installed

Where elevated levels of CO2 have been detected, alarms have been installed to allow residents to manage CO2 levels by increasing ventilation in the properties.

Work to address the situation will be needed

Although no decision has been taken about the future of the development, work to address the situation will be required.

28 Feb 2017