Peat extraction at Auchencorth Moss

Peat extraction at Auchencorth Moss in Midlothian was granted planning permission in 1986. This planning permission expires in February 2042.

More about the recent application

The recent application was to review the conditions attached to the original planning consent. However, this review process places restrictions on the local planning authority and, as a consequence, it cannot restrict working rights such as to prejudice adversely to an unacceptable degree either the economic viability of the operation of the site or the asset value of the site. 

More about the restrictions

Any conditions which restrict the 1) the size or depth or height of the extraction area; 2) the rate of extraction or deposition; 3) the length of time before expiry of the permission; or 4) a reduction in the total quantity of minerals permitted to be extraction or mineral waste to be deposited would create a compensation liability. Midlothian Council has managed to secure the restoration of the site to a raised bog rather than to agricultural land as stated in the original planning permission.Furthermore, the applicant is also required to provide financial provision to secure the decommissioning, restoration and aftercare of the site.

We are working with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage  

The Local Planning Authority has worked with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage to ensure the best possible outcome considering the restriction of existing legislation.

31 Mar 2017