We asked tenants what they think of our service

 A total of 82% of tenants agree their rent is value for money while 85% of tenants are satisfied with how the neighbourhood is managed, according to a new survey.

The latest Tenant Satisfaction Survey is published

Councillors discussed the results of the Tenant Satisfaction Survey for 2016/17 at the full council meeting on Tuesday.

Satisfaction levels have improved

Overall, the report found improved satisfaction levels among Midlothian Council tenants with 81% stating they were satisfied with the repairs service compared with 79% in 2014/15.

We asked about rents, repairs and your neighbourhood

Councillor Stephen Curran, the cabinet member for customer and housing services, welcomed the report:

“The Tenant Participation survey is a great way for tenants to tell us what they think of our service and how it can be improved.

We want to make our service even better

 “I’m pleased to see that while 73% of tenants said they were satisfied rent was value for money in 2014/15, that figure has gone up to 82%.

 “A total of 81% of respondents were satisfied with the repairs service compared to 79% at the last survey in 2014/15 while 80% stated they were satisfied there were enough opportunities to participate and influence decision making, that’s up from 62% the last time.

We want to work in partnership with tenants

 “The majority of our surveyed tenants are satisfied with the work we’re doing, and in particular that we have showed an increase in overall satisfaction since the last survey – but of course there is always room for improvement. We will be looking closely at how we can work in partnership with tenants, councillors and housing officers to reach our common goal of even better housing conditions and housing services in Midlothian.

 “Looking to the next few years, it is our hope that our new Customer Engagement Strategy will ensure that tenants remain at the front and centre in decision making processes, leading to further improvements in satisfaction levels among Midlothian Council tenants.”  

We surveyed around 10% of tenants

 In total 617 interviews were conducted; approximately 10% of Midlothian council tenants. The sample was drawn to be representative of the number of council properties in each area.


29 Aug 2017