Lock Down Crime campaign celebrates success

Lock Down Crime

A partnership initiative in Midlothian to tackle housebreaking is being hailed a success as it celebrates its first birthday.

The campaign helps keep properties secure

Lock Down Crime, which focuses on helping residents keep their properties secure, has run more than a dozen roadshows and helped equip scores of people with equipment to improve home security over the past 12 months. In the same period there has also been a drop in domestic housebreakings across Midlothian of a quarter.

Housebreakings across Midlothian have dropped

Midlothian Council’s cabinet member for community safety, Councillor Stephen Curran said: “The council, through the Midlothian Community Safety & Justice Partnership, and Police Scotland, has been raising awareness of crime prevention by informing local residents about the best ways to help eradicate the ongoing threat of housebreaking.

We hope Lock Down Crime has played a part

“We’re delighted to hear about the drop in housebreakings as it is a problem that can cause real misery to scores of local residents, and we hope that the Lock Down Crime Campaign has played a part in this achievement.”

The impact of housebreaking on families is huge

Midlothian Local Area Commander, Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson said: "The impact of housebreaking on an individual or family can be huge, with offenders encroaching on the place where you should feel safest. I'm therefore delighted that we have seen a reduction in these offences over the past year.

We all must play our part

"We cannot tackle housebreaking in isolation and the partnership approach of Lock Down Crime helps everyone to play their part in keeping property safe. I would urge everyone to think about their home security - one victim is one too many and there are plenty of simple steps that can be taken to deter housebreakers. I would also call on the whole community to be vigilant - keep an eye on your neighbours' properties and report anything suspicious to police immediately."

More than a dozen roadshows have taken place

During the past year, more than a dozen home safety roadshows have taken place at retail stores all over Midlothian, providing advice to hundreds of Midlothian residents. The partnership also ran a crime prevention stall at MIDFEST where residents had the chance to win high quality hasps and padlocks.  

The campaign has raised awareness

Thanks to the work of the campaign, residents of Midlothian have a greater awareness of the importance of securing their properties. Approximately 50 people have purchased shed alarms and property marking kits at our roadshows, as well as calling into local police stations to pick one up.  More residents are also now using more secure padlocks and hasps, and an increased number of residents are simply following a night time routine of locking their doors and windows, which in itself plays a huge part in crime prevention.

More roadshows are scheduled

The  campaign is set to continue over the coming months with roadshows scheduled across Midlothian in Newtongrange, Straiton and Dalkeith. The team has also been working with students from Edinburgh College media department on the production of crime prevention videos, which will be released in the run up to Christmas - traditionally a time of year when housebreaking crime increases. 

It is hoped that as more residents become aware of the simple steps they can take to safeguard their property, housebreaking numbers will continue to fall. 

Photo cap: Our Lock Down crime campaign, which includes roadshows to advise on how to deter house break-ins, celebrates its first birthday.


23 Oct 2017