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Personal Assistant

Midlothian Council has launched a new directory known as the ‘Personal Assistant Scheme’ that aims to bring together those looking for work as a Personal Assistant (PA), with those who would like to use their Direct Payment from Social Work to employ a PA.

Flexible paid work

If you’re looking for flexible paid work then why not sign up to the scheme.

Anyone who is a member of the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) scheme can put their name on the directory, allowing those looking to buy services to contact you directly.

Enrol as a PA

Rewarding job opportunities

The council’s cabinet member for adult services, Councillor Derek Milligan said: “This is a new way for Personal Assistants to register for work opportunities and allows people looking to buy services directly to get in touch with potential employees. The hours of work, roles and tasks are unique to each job and there is real potential for flexible and rewarding job opportunities.

“It is our hope that this scheme will bring together those who can offer care with those who need it and I would encourage anyone who is interested in working as a PA to register.”  

Every week is different

One woman who would recommend becoming a PA is Cally Callahan, who works as a part time PA for families who have children with additional needs. Cally said: “I work for about 8 hours a week on top of my other full-time job. I am employed by the parents directly and work flexibly depending on the needs of the children – some weeks we’re in their home doing crafts, others we’re out for a walk together or off to the cinema.

“It’s a real pleasure for me to see the kids coming out of their shells, and very rewarding to know that I am a consistent support to the family, giving mum and dad a well earned break. And it’s good fun! I would encourage anyone who can spare a few hours in the week to think about registering for work.”

Pictured is Cally Callahan

3 Nov 2017