“Lock Down Crime” campaign releases crime prevention videos

Midlothian’s “Lock Down Crime” campaign is releasing a series of short crime prevention videos in the run up to the festive season when criminal activity like house breaking and rogue trading are typically at their peak.

Collaborative project  

Police in Midlothian and the Midlothian Community Safety & Justice Partnership have collaborated with media students from Edinburgh College to produce short videos highlighting relevant crime prevention messages.

The students were given outline themes and asked to present their ideas using storyboards, before sourcing actors and suitable locations to film. The work became a part of the students media course. 

Working with local media students

Cabinet Member for Customer and Housing Services Councillor Steven Curran said, “It was great to work with the students at Edinburgh College on this project to show in a practical way how our residents can help protect themselves and their property.  Each video tackles a separate issue that we as residents have to be aware of, particularly at this time of year.

Protect your property from crime

 “Firstly, protect your property. Make sure you have a secure place for delivery of parcels if you’re going to be out, or ask a neighbour to take in any deliveries for you.  Secure your windows and doors, especially at night, and make sure you have a good quality lock on your sheds and outbuildings. 

Beware of rogue traders

“Next, be aware of rogue traders.  If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Look out for pickpockets

“Finally, remain vigilant when out shopping. It is so easy to get distracted by the decorations and the sheer number of people and this is when you can become a target for pickpockets.

Crime increases during the festive season

“The run up to Christmas is a happy time for most but unfortunately it is also a time when crime typically increases. In taking these simple steps, as shown on our new videos, you can help make sure you don’t fall victim.”  

Look out for the videos over the coming weeks on Midlothian Council’s Facebook and Twitter pages.



24 Nov 2017