Council to spend £1.13 million on classrooms

Councillors have agreed to spend £1,130,000 to provide extra classrooms to accommodate pupils at Burnbrae, Mayfield and St David’s primary schools for the next school year.

14 primaries have P1 numbers exceeding current capacity

At the full council meeting on Tuesday, councillors heard the three schools are among 14 primaries where the number of P1 pupils living in their catchment area exceeds current school capacity. A further two primary schools are likely to experience pressure from placing requests, and the number of pupils attending Lasswade High School in 2017 exceeds the school’s published capacity.

Intake limits for August 2018 will apply

Intake limits for August 2018, will therefore, be applied at Bonnyrigg, Burnbrae, Cuiken, Hawthornden, King’s Park, Lasswade, Lawfield, Mayfield, Newtongrange, Sacred Heart, St Andrew’s, St David’s, St Luke’s, Stobhill, Tynewater and Woodburn primary schools and Lasswade High School.  In addition, the £1.13 million will be used to provide space for two additional classrooms at Burnbrae, three additional primary classes in Mayfield Library and the creation of a nursery and an additional class at St David’s. A further report will come to council in February about how to accommodate the required number of pupils at Lawfield, Woodburn and Newtongrange primary schools and Lasswade High School.

We have a longterm plan to accommodate pupils

Midlothian Council’s cabinet member for education, Cllr Jim Muirhead said: “With house building continuing apace and our population rising at the highest level in Scotland, we now have a long term plan to accommodate the growing number of pupils. For example, there will be the new joint campus at Hopefield, a new primary school on the site of the current Newbattle High School and an additional primary school for Dalkeith. The issue is making sure we have enough high quality learning spaces for our pupils until these schools are built, so we have to take immediate action now.”

19 Dec 2017